Boost Your Business

You are a Sales Leader.

This Program will help you sharpen your Focus and increase your Impact.

It can be customized based upon the key challenges your sales organization is facing.

Refer to the following White Paper for guiding you through the most common challenges BtoB Sales Organizations are facing in 2020 and define which ones need addressing.


Make "Solutions Selling" Work

Most providers have positioned themselves as solutions providers, often to protect their product from commoditization and preserve their margins.
However, the « solution » positioning creates specific customers’ expectations : they are now really expecting solutions to their problems! 
Can You make "Solution Selling" work?


Can you position your solution in the customer’s context ? Can you set the right expectations and build sound « solution deals » ? Once baked and ready, can you close solution deals ? Is your solution delivery performance always valued by the customer ?


The workshop will enable you to execute profitable solutions selling motions, avoiding the 5 fatal challenges in solutions selling :

  • Agree with the customer’s problem  as described by the customer

  • Rush to presenting your solution 

  • Cross the line of dangerous overselling

  • Mix your delivery performance with the overall project performance

  • Let the Customer stalls on risk assessment 


Key Customers at Risks?

In time of major crisis, your customers have to adapt to a fast evolving environment and transform themselves.
How can you support them and thus be part of their solution rather than part of the problem?


How can you gain relevance, better differentiate and define the contours of a more strategic partnership with your key Customers? How can you turn the partnership into a pragmatic and actionable plan?


This workshop will enable you to define a new win-win collaboration with your customers at risks and drive the right focus within your team:

  • Rethink your company's value proposition, being inspired by your key customers' own transformation (Outside-In Transformation Plan).

  • Define the contours of a new strategic partnership with your key customers, including a short-term and a medium-term component (Pragmatic Partnership Canvas).

  • Translate the partnership into a pragmatic, tailored and actionable account transformation plan (One-Pager Account Transformation Canvas)


Run-the-business : Pragmatic Discipline for Results

BtoB sales management requires a lot of discipline from both salespeople and sales managers. Any major crisis quickly becomes an excuse for less discipline which can trigger a dangerous negative spiral.


How can you secure good visibility on the business in the short and medium term and therefore an adequate prioritization of resources? How can you ensure a tight steering in order to correct the situation in real time and not lose any business? How can you redefine and measure your business performance leading indicators?


This workshop will give you the keys to best practices for managing your business through any major crisis:

  • Redefine objectives, quotas and business performance leading indicators

  • Understand and implement best practices in forecasting (One-Pager Forecast Canvas & 3Horizon Forecast Canvas)

  • Understand and implement best practices when qualifying and managing key opportunities  or « Mega Deals » (OCWW Tool)


Differentiate with Outstanding Sales Experience

The most important driver of customer loyalty in BtoB complex sales motions is about delivering an Outstanding Sales Experience (> 50% of loyalty) :

Customer loyalty is earned in the field, day after day, whenever your sales people interact with your customers.

Sales experience has two key components : your ability to conduct value adding sales meetings with your customers and your ability to make it easy for the customer to do business with you


I. Conduct Value Adding Sales Meetings

Many customers will consider meeting their supplier’s sales people to be a waste of time. Yet sales meeting is a very important way to secure stronger customer loyalty. Making sure you can deliver strong sales meetings can be the best way for you to diffrentiate and win your customers’ heart.

For winning your sales calls, you need to build the right story and tell it impactfully. It can be covered in two independent workshops or be combined.

Build the Story

There's no such thing as a "generic" story that works every time. A central library of surprising and generic insights, by sector and by function, will, on the other hand, provide the ingredients for a good story.

The workshop will enable you to build impactful stories for every critical customer meetings :

- Learn a simple and proven method to build, as a team, winning stories tuned to your audience and your objective for the meeting (inspired by best-selling author Jerry Weissman's "Presenting to Win" and adapated to BtoB Sales)

- Identify new insights which will surprise your audience and lead to your solution

- Apply and practice the method on your next critical customer meeting

Tell the Story

To be convincing, a good story on paper is necessary but not enough. The impact of your story will strongly depend on how you will tell it (>85% of the total impact according to UCLA).

The workshop will enable you to boost your persuasion when telling your story:

- Learn and practice a simple conversation model that will allow you to distil your story in a convincing way (the 3 inflection points conversation)

- Understand the impact of your voice (volume, variations, pauses, intonation, ...) and your body language (posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, ...) when telling your story

- Radically improve your  voice and body language impact when telling your story through practice, video recording and coaching


II. Make it Easy to do Business with You

Customers will always value smooth buying process. Making it easy for them to do business with you is the second critical component for securing Outstading Sales Experience.


Do you realise the importance of hiding your company internal complexity to the customer ? How can you do this effectively ? How can you create the perception you are truely empowered?


The workshop will enable you to create a very smooth perception on how easy it is to do business with you :

- I’m in Sales and I’m empowered

- Set the right customer expectations and over deliver

- Be the perfect orchestrator