Who We Are

Yves Blandiaux is the Founding Partner of Wave4Growth.

Over the past 25 years, Yves has held international sales and general management positions for ICT providers such as Cisco, Fujitsu and Alcatel.

During his career, he has led sales force transformations from transactional "product" sales to more complex sales, i.e. value selling, solution selling and consultative selling.

He also went through the crises of 2001 and 2008 by fundamentally rethinking the leadership, approach and organization of sales within his teams.

Since 2018, Yves has been working as a freelancer with companies of all sizes (start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, large companies) and from all sectors (ICT, telecoms, health, industry, commerce, etc.). These engagements aim to understand and radically improve complex sales performance.


Our Drivers

Our Vision

Many BtoB Companies are built on outstanding technology and/or scientic mastery.

They are often wolrd class when it comes to creating value in their Lab’s, in their « factories » or in their supply chain.

Their capabilities to sell (i.e. extract the created value from the market) is often less developed and is creating a glass ceiling they will hit when it gets tougher (i.e. major crisis) or when they increase their ambitions.

Helping these companies catch-up on their ability to sell will unlock huge Opportunities for them.

Our Mission

Enable radical BtoB sales performance improvements through sharper Focus, increased Impact and higher people & Team engagement : We make your sales  people and your team F.I.T. for BtoB Selling.

Our Values

Create lasting positive impacts – be pragmatic and simplify what looks complex – act with trust & integrity – be transparent & communicate openly – put customer at the center – innovate & disrupt – build on facts & outside-in perspectives – be part of your team, teamwork – co-create


Certified  Growth Expert by the Walloon Region (Belgium)

We are certified "Label Enterprise" by the Walloon Region for Growth (Diagnostic & Excution).
Significant Regional subsidy can be available for SMB companies headquartered in Wallonia


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