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High Impact Programs

Run these Programs within your (extended) Sales Team to radically improve your Sellers' Impact.

Innovative, Interactive and Fun Workshops where you will learn pramatic & proven techniques and apply them to your own case.


Focus and duration will be customized to your needs.


Optional follow-up coaching for maximum real life adoption. 

In-Presence, On-Line or Blended Delivery


English - Français - Nederlands

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"Sell like a Start-Up" Program

You are an established Tech Company or a Tech Challenger

You have to hunt in new Territories, be it new market segments, next generations solutions, moving-up in your customers value chain, ...

You are amazed to see Tech Start-Ups sell successfully despite low resources and no strong company logo to back them up.

This Program will inject Start-Up mentality into your Sales Teams, make your Sellers much more Impactful and lift-up your chances of success in the new Territories.


Boost your Sellers Impacts by injecting Start-Up mentality into your Sales Teams.

Develop the right "Intent", "Focus" and "Attitudes" for your Sales Teams to conquer the new "must-wins".

Get your team to work and collaborate in order to crack the new must-wins, applying simple, pragmatic and proven tools and techniques.


Sellers ready to hunt in the new Territories in a laser focused, intentional,  start-up way:

- Define the right solution to insert

- Identify the (few) real Persona to convince

- Attract the Persona's attention and secure quality time with him/her

- Build the complelling story to put things in motion

- Tell the story with impact through persuasive conversations

The Sales Team has learned and practiced a simple and proven Tool Box to "Sell like a Start-Up" in full autonomy.

Contact us and find how our Program can benefit your company.


"Sales Jumpstart" Program

You are a Tech Start-Up, your business value proposition is solid, you have signed a few customers and your delivery capabilities have been re-organized.

Now is the time to scale and sign more and bigger Customers.

Don't get intoxicated by the top5 devastating beliefs which make Tech Start-up scaling efforts often fail !

Embrace the successful Start-Up selling approach and hire the right Sellers to execute your scaling plan.


Co-Develop the first Sprint of your Sales Insertion Strategy and the associated Sales Execution Plans.

Engage your key team members and bond the team behind your Sales ambitions & how to get there.


  1. Stop Spoiling your "first time impression" when reaching out to prospects.

  2. Win a lot of time and money by taking a bit of time upfront, defining the right sales focus and actions plan.

  3. Embrace the selling approach of successful Start-Ups.

  4. Align your Team behind the "Ambitions" and "How to get there".

  5. Define the right casting for your next Hire in Sales.

  6. Secure "first" meetings and follow-up traction with promising prospects.

  7. Sign new and bigger Customers... making your scaling efforts work.

  8. Interlock Sales with other functions within your Start-Up.

Contact us and find how our Program can benefit your company.

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