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"Stress Test"

1-day with high RoI

Where do you (or your team) need to excell NOW in order to exceed your business ambitions ?

Is it by Transforming Strategic Accounts ?

Is it by Inserting Innovations into the market ?

Is it by planning and executing Sales Partnerships to accelerate scaling ?

Is it by sharpening your Innovation "sales pitch" to get your prospects into action ?

Is it by driving Sales Execution, keeping everyone focussed and impactful ?

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To excell in any of these, you need to challenge your approach and develop new pragmatic ideas to radically improve outcomes.

Most of our customers are not satisfied with their internal business reviews to make their plans stronger: Internal reviews are not disruptive nor challenging enough, hence do not lead to breakthrough outcomes.

"Stress-Test" is a 1-day service where your approach will be challenged and shaken by an external seasoned Tech executive.  

The direct and candid feedback will enable new pragmatic and disruptive ideas to emerge and will course correct your actions for delivering stronger outcomes.

Run your critical plans through "Stress-Test"

Get outside-in perspectives

Lead for stronger outcomes.

One-day investment - High Payback !

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How to Run "Stress-Test" ?

Alignment Call

We define together what you want to run through "Stress-Test" and, more importantly, why.
Is it a critcial Account Development Plan, your Go-To-Market plan for a leading Innovation, Your plan for Partner Sales in a given Segment, ...?

Prepare the Business Review

We provide you with the list of topics to be covered in the Business Review. You prepare accordingly and send the presentation in advance to all participants.

Run the Business Review

You present. We challenge and shake so that new pragmatic and creative ideas can emerge. We start co-creating the new plan for stronger business outcomes. We walk-out with a clear actions plan for you to take further.

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