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Our Formats

We deliver our impactful Programs through different formats, tuned to your needs.

Keynotes & Conferences

Energize and inspire a larger audience (25+) through a tought-provoking conversation about your key levers for radical sales performance improvements and how to activate them.

Let us define together the impact you want to create on your audience and we will do the rest.

Business Conference
Image by You X Ventures

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops can be delivered in different format :

  • Webinars (On-Line only)

  • At your location, optionally blended with on-line preparation and debrief sessions

  • Off-site, at our location (Spa-Belgium) in a perfect setting the enable relaxation, reflection, development and team building.

Irrespective of the format, the workshops are pragmatic, different and interactive. They are built around relevant exemples and analogies and leverage field-proven, simple to use, pragmatic tools which will be practiced on participants’ real cases.

The workshops have been designed to be highly interactive and will include role-plays, peer reviews, video shootings, group debriefs, …

We also offer « coach the coach » workshops for every topic in our programs.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching for business and team leaders are also available for boosting your business and/or boosting your people.

Our first conversation with the coachee will be to understand the overall context, define the areas of interest and agree upon the objective for the individual coaching.

Image by Alejandro Escamilla
Business Meeting

Custom-made Engagements

Our Custom-made engagements can include a mix of workshops, coaching, consulting and sales execution (i.e. executive in residence) services.

We will mobilize the right ingredients to support you achieve your business ambitions.

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