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«You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

Radical Tech Sales Improvements by injecting successful Start-Up Mentality into your Sales Teams

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Tech Sellers & Sales Leaders

Development & Coaching


Our Drivers

Our Vision

Every Tech Company, big or small, is hunting for new Territorires, be it new market segments, next generation solutions, moving-up in their Customer value chain, …
This hunting urgency is putting Tech Sellers to the test : how can they trigger customer curiosity, build it into strong interest and close business … with new Customers (new account or new people in an existing account) a frantic and noisy environment …where industry events, trade fairs and the likes are moving virtual ?
If they want to shine, most Tech Sellers will need to step-up and develop themselves.
Successful Tech Start-Up selling practices is a good source of inspiration, for both Start-Up or established Company, as they master the art of new account insertion without much resources and no powerful company logo to back them up.

Our Mission

Radically imporve Tech Sellers' and Sales Leaders' impacts by injecting the right Start-Up mentality into the Sales Teams through innovative, pragmatic and impactful programs and coaching practices.

Tune the programs to serve different Customer profiles: Tech Start-Ups, Established Tech Companies and Disruptive Challengers 

Our Values

Create lasting positive impacts – be pragmatic and simplify what looks complex – act with trust & integrity – be transparent & communicate openly – put customer at the center – innovate & disrupt – build on facts & outside-in perspectives – be part of your team, teamwork – co-create

Certified Expert

We are certified "Label Enterprise" for Growth (Diagnostic & Execution) by the Walloon Region.
Significant Regional subsidy can be available for Companies headquartered in Wallonia


High Impact Programs

Inspired by successful Tech Start-Up selling approach and techniques.

Run these Programs within your Sales Team to radically improve your Sellers' Impact.

Innovative, Interactive and Fun Workshops where you will learn pramatic & proven techniques and apply them to your own case.

Focus and duration will be customized to your needs.

Optional follow-up coaching for maximum real life adoption. 

In-Presence, On-Line or Blended Delivery

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"Sell like a Start-Up" Program

You are an established Tech Company or a Tech Challenger. 

You have to hunt in new Territories, be it new market segments, next generations solutions, moving-up in your customers value chain, ...

You are amazed to see Tech Start-Ups sell successfully despite low resources and no strong company logo to back them up.

This Program will inject Start-Up mentality into your Sales Teams, make your Sellers much more Impactful and lift-up your chances of success in the new Territories.



Boost your Sellers Impacts by injecting Start-Up mentality into your Sales Teams

Develop their "Intent", their "Focus" and their "Attitude" when engaging their prospects


Sellers ready to hunt in the new Territories in a laser focused, intentional,  start-up way:

- Define the right solution to insert

- Identify the real Persona(e) to convince

- Build the complelling story to put things in motion

- Tell the story with impact through conversations

Simple and proven Tool Box available to Sell like a Start-Up in autonomy

Contact us and find how our Program can benefit your company.


"Sales Jumpstart" Program

You are a Tech Start-Up, your business value proposition is solid, you have signed a few customers and your delivery capabilities have been re-organized.

Now is the time to scale and sign more and bigger Customers.

Don't get intoxicated by the top5 devastating beliefs which make Tech Start-up scaling efforts often fail !



Co-Develop the first Sprint of your Sales Insertion Strategy and the associated Sales Execution Plans.

Engage your key team members and bond the team behind your Sales ambitions & how to get there.


1. Embrace the selling approach of successful Start-Ups.
2. Align your Team behind the "Ambitions" and the 'Plan".
3. Define the right casting for your next Hire in Sales.
4. Secure "first" meetings with promising prospects.
5. Sign new and bigger Customers...making your scaling efforts work.
6. Stop spoiling your "first time impression" when reaching out to prospects.
7. Win a lot of time and money by taking a bit of time upfront, defining the right focus and actions plan.
8. Interlock Sales with other functions within your Start-Up.

Contact us and find how our Program can benefit your company.

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