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Top 10 Habits of Successful B2B Sellers

What does set great B2B sellers apart ? What do they do different and better ?

I kept asking myself these questions throughout my 25 years B2B selling career and it took me a confinement period to capture the real essence of what I’ve learned over these years.

My humble contribution is not academic nor theoretical. It is pragmatic, surprising, inspiring, different. It can be learned and practiced and it does work !

Confirnement is now over and I am open again 😊. So my offer to you…

1. Sales Team Leaders :

Do you want to help your salespeople understand and embrace these Top 10 Habits so that they can enhance their own B2B sales performance ?

=> Invite me to your next sales team meeting for a high impact power session (1 hour)

2. Sales Leadership Teams :

Do you want to be challenged and inspired on how you could reduce the performance gap among your B2B sellers, moving "average" to "good" and "good" to "great" ?

=> Invite me to your next leadership team meeting for a high impact power session (1 hour)

Happy Selling !

top 10 habits of successful b2b sellers
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