High Impact Incentive Programs

High impact Programs to bring your Top Performers and your Critical Customers to new Horizons

Top Performer Club

Develop your Change Agents

How do you reward top sales performance ? How do you learn from your top performers ? How do you further coach and develop them? How do you turn your Top Performers into your best company transformation Change Agents?

The Top Performer Club has been designed to do all of the above in an exclusive location, offering a blend of facilitated recreation, coaching and development activities between you and your top performers. It will be designed to fit your needs.

  • Value for your company : engage & reward your top performers, learn how your top perfomers « did it », drive a company culture with development, performance and fun as key cornerstones, engage stronger your top performers in your company transformation...

  • Value for your Top Performers : be recognized by their senior leader, get a strong energy boost, grow & develop thanks to a high performance coaching, move to higher stake engagement for the company (i.e. be a change agent for your company transformation), ...

Top Customer Club

Customer-centric Transformation

How do you get closer to your best customers or partners so that your relationship does not break during their transformation ? How do you take quality time to reflect and think together? How do you re-define your future win-win collaboration together? How do you demonstrate their transformation matter to you?

The Top Customer Club has been designed to do all of the above in a unique location, offering a blend of facilitated relaxation, fun, partnership development, envisioning the future and trust activities between you and your top customer/partner. It will be customized to best fit your needs.

  • Value for your top customer : feeling recognized & backed-up by your company, energized by re-inventing the future together, creating stories and unforgettable souvenirs together in unique locations, discovering new perspectives on you and your company, ...

  • Value for your company : running the preparation workshop « Key Customers at Risk ?», laying the foundation for stronger loyalty, gaining new insights on how to expand business with similar key customers, engaging key customers in an innovative way, positioning you stronger on short-term opportunities while talking only about the future,...


Possible Locations

The High Impact Incentive Programs can be centered around two exclusive locations.

Exclusive Property in Spa, Belgium

Spa, Pearl of the Ardennes, makes a direct connection to nature and well-being. 

The exclusive property and its direct surroundings offer the perfect options for a high impact Incentive Program.

Up to 10 participants for 1 to 3 days. 

LPB Bench2.jpg

Exclusive Yacht between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, France

Visiting the French Riviera by the sea offers a completely new perspective. 

The breath-taking scenary sets you up for creativity while bringing a high sense of humility and responsibility.

The 18m Dalila Sunseeker is a performant, safe, comfortable and exclusive motor yacht which will contribute to a high impact Incentive Program.

Up to 6 participants for 1 to 3 days. 

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve results that matter through our high impact Incentive Programs.


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