Boost Your People & Teams

You are Leading a Sales/Business Team.

At the end of the day, people and teams will look after your business. Once you have improved their focus and their impact, you might still need to secure their engagement. Are they energized, committed and motivated individuals ? Is teamship delivering value and is the team becoming stronger while going through rough waters?

The program can be customized based upon the key challenges your sales organization is facing.

Refer to the following White Paper for guiding you through the most common challenges BtoB Sales Organizations are facing in 2020 and define which ones need addressing.

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Lead through a crisis

The crisis we are going through has brought its own stream of uncertainty, confusion and discomfort.
In these troubled times, your company and your teams will need a "leader" more than a "boss".


How can you be less of a "Boss" and more of a "Leader"? Why should you talk to both "minds" and "hearts" in a major crisis? How do you do this effectively?


The workshop will enable you to embody the role of a leader by :

  • Rallying the troops in rough waters

  • Boosting everyone "during" and "after" the crisis

  • Defining a meaningful & ernegizing recovery plan

  • Growing individually and collectively through the crisis​


Will BtoB Salespeople survive?

Are you satisfied with your BtoB salespeople? Many senior managers answer this question with an embarrassed pout ...and this crisis is not going to help. 

To grow out of the crisis, you will need high-performing salespeople who are able to create added value for your company and for your customers. But don't be under any illusions, your leadership role will also be crucial: it takes two to dance.


Which BtoB salespeople profiles will survive the crisis or not? How does a successful environement for salespeople look like and how can you build it? What should they focus on?


This workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify leadership responsibility & actions plan : define salespeople focus, their toolbox and their objectives

  • Position your salespeople in relation to online sales and/or digital marketing

  • Define their added value for Clients

  • Recognize & reward the winning attitudes 

Standing Meeting
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Building a Dream Team

Every sales team derives satisfaction from winning. The crisis will put your sales team to the test. How can you get it going...stronger & higher ?


How best to lead a sales team during a major crisis? How to preserve its motivation, its energy and its winning spirit, during and after the crisis? How to support individual salespeople in their own growth and transformation journey?


This workshop will help you understand how to build a dream team by:

  • Identifying the specificities of managing a sales team in times of crisis and the immediate measures to take

  • Understanding where your sales team is on the journey towards the "dream team" 

  • Define the actions you should take to move in the right direction (Dream Team Canvas)